Heating and Air Conditioning Trade School Is for Women, too!

When you think of who goes to heating and air conditioning trade school, you probably think it’s mostly for men. And it’s true that most HVAC techs are men. However, that’s beginning to change. There are more women in HVAC than ever before. And the industry as a whole is talking about how to get […]

Getting a Job After Graduating Heating and AC School

Once you finish up heating and AC school, what next? Hopefully a great paying job for a reputable company. Luckily, you are not alone in this job search. Capstone College will help you find a job after you complete the program. The person to see is the school’s Placement Counselor. They have the resources to […]

Get Ahead Start on a New Career in the HVAC Program at Capstone

If you are ready for a fresh start and a rewarding career, take a look at Capstone College’s HVAC program. This program can change your life in 36 weeks. Think about it. In just nine short months you could be in a solid career. And making more than $20 an hour. Look forward to being […]

Get HVAC Certification and Plenty of Hands-on Training at Capstone

If you’re thinking of getting HVAC certification, one of the most important aspects of the program is hands-on training. Capstone’s HVAC college recognizes this, and so has a practical laboratory where students practice. All classes have both a lecture and practical component. In the lab, students handle the tools they will need on the job. […]