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School for HVAC: What You Need to Know about Getting In

Apply for school for HVAC.

Once you’ve decided that HVAC training is for you, you’ll have to get through the admissions process at Capstone College. To go to school for HVAC, first finish high school or get a GED certificate. All students must be at least 18 years old to start at Capstone. Next, you’ll fill out the admission application. You’ll…

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Time Management Tips for Students in HVAC School

Go to HVAC school and study hard.

If you’ve decided to go to HVAC school, you know that you have to commit to working hard to be successful. The program is 36 weeks long. It’s not so long that you have to give up your whole live. But it is a major time commitment. Here are some of our best time management…

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Capstone Air Conditioner School Prepares Grads for Good Jobs

Go to Capstone to go to heating and ac school.

Anyone checking out trade school options should look into air conditioner school. Given Southern California’s soaring summer temperatures, air conditioning is a necessity. So people with HVAC certification are going to be in demand on the job market. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average pay for HVAC techs was $21…

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