Once you decide to start looking for refrigeration certification, you might do a search for HVAC schools near me. If you live in the Southern California area, be sure to check out Capstone. Located in Pasadena, it’s easy to get to for students in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as San Bernardino and Riverside. Capstone is also a well-established school. It’s been operating for more than 20 years. This means that Capstone grads go to a school with a great reputation. The focus of Capstone is on hands-on training. Students get to practice in the school’s lab. This means they have great skills when it’s time to look for a job.

Get Refrigeration Certification and Find a Great Job

Capstone also helps its grads with job searches. The last module of the HVAC course focuses on job searching and interview skills. The school also works closely with local contractors to keep its list of job openings current. Grads work with a placement counselor to find the right job. Capstone is able to place the majority of its grads in jobs in the HVAC field. The majority of students also finish the course on time.

Capstone should be at the top of any search for HVAC schools near me. That’s because it’s known for great instructors, as well as great placement rates. Check out the HVAC program at the school. Then give our admissions office a call. Set up a tour and see if Capstone is right for you.


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