Anyone checking out trade school options should look into air conditioner school. Given Southern California’s soaring summer temperatures, air conditioning is a necessity. So people with HVAC certification are going to be in demand on the job market. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average pay for HVAC techs was $21 an hour in 2014. Capstone started more than 24 years ago. The college understands what employers want. In addition to excellent classes and hands-on prep, Capstone also helps its grads find jobs. We keep track of openings in the area. We also help students with resumes and job interviewing skills. Many local companies hire our grads. These include RRR Construction, Pacific Aire Inc., and the State of California.

Get HVAC Certification and Jump into the Working World

Although there aren’t license requirements to pass air conditioner school, Capstone offers the NATE certification exam. This is a tough test that shows techs have the real-life skills demanded by the job market. Capstone grads can also take courses in job estimating and project management. Capstone also has a class on EPA estimating. By taking these extra courses, HVAC techs are able to increase their chance of getting a job in the field. Capstone works closely with local companies so that we give our students the skills that employers need. Learn more about the HVAC program at Capstone.


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