There are many compelling reasons to choose air conditioner school over college. There is a huge push these days for kids to go to college. However, that may not truly be in everyone’s best interest. Workers who have gotten their HVAC certification can earn good money and not walk away with tons of student loan debt. The time spent in air conditioner school is also much less than college. Get out in the field within months instead of starting a job in years.

HVAC Certification Offers Good Job Security

Industries that involve working with your hands also often turn out to be very rewarding. There is a sense of accomplishment when a job is complete. HVAC technicians get to move around and not be stuck behind a desk all day. Spend time in new and interesting locations, meet new people, and have room for advancement. Troubleshoot problems and even save some money by installing and repairing systems in your own home.

Many of the trades are facing a shortage of workers. This means that there are plenty of jobs out there for HVAC technicians. Choose a quality program and get hands on training. Work hard, have a good attitude, be kind and courteous, and this profession can take you places.

Capstone College has a great HVAC program.  Check it out!


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