If you’re thinking of getting HVAC certification, one of the most important aspects of the program is hands-on training. Capstone’s HVAC college recognizes this, and so has a practical laboratory where students practice. All classes have both a lecture and practical component. In the lab, students handle the tools they will need on the job. They practice repair work on the lab’s equipment. By the end of the program, students are very comfortable working with the tools and machines they will encounter on the job.

HVAC College Prepares You for the Working World in the Practice Labs

In addition to practicing repair techniques, students also practice brazing, soldering, and installing sheet metal. They practice reading HVAC schematics. Another skill they learn is charging techniques. The first seven modules of the HVAC certification program have both a lecture and practical portion. But module eight is entirely work in the lab. Students work together and with their teachers to master the skills they need to be successful HVAC techs. The ninth module has three segments. The first is the refrigeration lab. The second is thermal energy systems, and the last segment is job search skills. Students get to practice their interview skills and refine their resumes.

Capstone College’s HVAC program is a great choice for students in the Pasadena area. Students have a firm grounding in all aspects of HVAC work and go on to get great jobs.


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