A great way to make good money and be out and about in the community is to go to school for HVAC. In Southern California, we all depend on air conditioners to make life bearable. Someone with HVAC certification from a good school can find a job easily. Go to Capstone to get a solid foundation in basic principles. Capstone also gives students time to practice their skills in a hands-on environment. This is vital to becoming a knowledgeable HVAC technician.

Earn HVAC Certification to Begin a Great Career

Capstone’s school for HVAC techs takes 36 weeks to complete. There are nine modules to the course. Students learn about local and national HVAC codes and safety, as well as HVAC theory. In addition, students learn to read HVAC schematics. They will also learn techniques, including brazing and soldering and sheet metal installation. When students become more comfortable with the theory of HVAC, they begin to work in the HVAC lab. Here is where they get to practice using real tools. They learn how to work with the different systems they will encounter on the job. Consequently, by working in the lab, students will get the skills they need to be successful in the working world.

Visit Capstone College and learn about the HVAC technician program.


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