If you’re checking out heating and AC school, you need to know the advantages of this type of diploma. One of the best things about having refrigeration certification is that you get skills that are easy to transfer. Lots of people dream about striking out on their own after graduation. As an HVAC technician, it’s easy to do that. That’s because air conditioners and heating systems all over the country need repairs. If you’ve always wanted to move to Alaska or Vermont, or any other state, going to heating and AC school means you can take your certification with you.

Refrigeration Certification is a Great Choice if You’re Good at Problem-Solving

Being cooped up in an office sounds like torture to many students. As an HVAC tech, you won’t be. Most techs go to several different clients each day. This means you’re always meeting people and working on new challenges. In addition, using creative problem solving skills is very rewarding in a job. And since nearly all houses and public buildings have heating and cooling systems, you also have a lot of job security. No one wants to be at the mercy of the elements. When the air conditioner quits in the summer, the HVAC tech is a welcome sight. After the heater that fails in the winter, the HVAC tech may be even more welcome.

Check out Capstone’s HVAC program. It offers plenty of hands-on training and NATE certification. This test is the industry standard throughout the country. Once you’ve read over the website, give the office a call and schedule a tour today.


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