Refrigeration school is a great choice for people who want a flexible career. Going to heating and air conditioning trade school gives students the skills they need to enter a fast-growing industry. In Southern California, air conditioning is a necessity. That’s especially true for large office buildings or other professional offices. But even private homes need a working air conditioner. This means that an HVAC technician will have plenty of work. Capstone focuses on hands-on training with experts in the field. Before students ever look for a job, they have plenty of practice working in the lab.

Heating and Air Conditioning Trade School Focuses on Practical Training

Capstone’s students have the right preparation to go out and find a job that suits their needs. Some grads decide to go to work for a large company. Others decide that they want the flexibility of working with a small group of techs. Or some may choose to start their own business. Each choice has its advantages. Large companies offer more benefits and handle marketing to attract clients. Smaller businesses provide personalized service and build relationships with clients over many years. Finally, going into business for yourself means you can set your own hours. You also get to decide how many clients you want to work with.

Check out the HVAC program at Capstone. Set up an appointment with the admissions office to tour the campus. Then get started on the application. Start classes soon so you can find your dream job soon!


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