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Heating and Air Conditioning Trade School Is for Women, too!

When you think of who goes to heating and air conditioning trade school, you probably think it’s mostly for men. And it’s true that most HVAC techs are men. However, that’s beginning to change. There are more women in HVAC than ever before. And the industry as a whole is talking about how to get more women in HVAC jobs.

Women in HVAC Have Great Job Satisfaction

So, why should women think about careers in HVAC? First of all, it’s a lucrative career with regular hours. In California, HVAC techs earn over $20 an hour. This is great if you’re looking for a good path to financial independence. Another great aspect of the HVAC industry is that the job is never boring. You work with new clients and solve different problems everyday. The fact that you don’t have to be cooped up in an office all day is a draw for many people, men and women. There’s also a lot of job security. In California, almost everyone has an air conditioner, both homes and businesses. And in the summer especially, a working air conditioner is practically a necessity. There is a huge satisfaction that comes from fixing such a vital appliance.

Both women and men are welcome in the heating and air conditioning trade school at Capstone College. Check out the HVAC program requirements. Then give the admissions office a call to start the application process.



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