Becoming an Independent HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles is a lucrative career but can also be very challenging and you might be wondering where to start. You’re probably curious as to what it takes in order to kick start your life and get a career in the ever-changing and always paying world of HVAC repair and HVAC technology. Perhaps you’re a high school graduate with big dreams, or maybe you’re tired of working a job that isn’t really going anywhere.

Maybe you are ready to be your own boss and own your own business… if HVAC repair and becoming an HVAC contractor in LA is what you want to do, then you’ve got to start with your college education. Becoming an HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles is a fast-paced and demanding career that requires not only the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning repair knowledge and field experience, but also requires that you have the mentality of a sound business owner, with customer service, marketing and employee training skills to boot!

You can ask any HVAC Tech or Independent HVAC Contractor and they’ll be the 1st people to assure you that while it may be tough, if you’re the right person with the right skillset, imagination and education, then you’re well on your way to becoming the owner of your own HVAC Repair and Diagnostic Business. Perhaps you’ve got the ambition, you’ve got the will and the passion for HVAC Repair… but at the same time, you’re not sure where to actually begin when it comes to owning your own HVAC Repair Business.

Let’s Start with the HVAC Basics

The first thing you need to know, is your way around the HVAC repair industry… and that means you’ve got to be great at working in a demanding environment, sometimes for more than one client at the same time and with multiple tools to help you get the job done. For many successful HVAC Technicians, the first step to owning your HVAC Technician Contractor Business is getting licensed as an HVAC Technician in California. If you live in Los Angeles, Capstone College in Pasadena, California has one of the longest-running and most successful HVAC Technology schools in California; many HVAC students and contractors alike agree that Capstone College in Pasadena is one of the best HVAC colleges you can attend.

Capstone College offers HVAC courses that are taught with your development and learning in mind; we focus on developing the HVAC student’s practical skills, theoretical HVAC knowledge, as well as to build the professional attitudes that are necessary for success as an HVAC Technician in Southern California. Capstone College in Pasadena also will help prepare the HVAC Technology student to hopefully pass the California State Contractor’s Board licensing examination. After the HVAC Technology school graduate and future HVAC Technician has successfully passed Contractor’s Exam, they are qualified to work as a licensed HVAC Technician in the state of California. They can either work with an existing HVAC contractor or company or venture out on their own. The HVAC Technician course at Capstone College in Pasadena is a total of 900 hours (or 36 weeks) in length, and can be completed right on our Los Angeles Campus.

What You Can Expect At Our HVAC Technician College

HVAC repair training classes at Capstone College have been effectively created as such that they provide our HVAC students with a very authentic idea of what an actual day of being in the field as an HVAC Technician in California would be like for them. Our HVAC Technology classes are divided between Safety, Systems, Schematics, Certification, Fundamentals and Laboratory. Our HVAC Technology School is open to the public and we also make time to educate our students and graduates on job searching and finding work as an HVAC Technician in CA, which is also part of our curriculum at Capstone.

What this allows for, is that our HVAC students have a true-to-life HVAC Repair / Contractor setting in which they can practice some of their skills on actual clients instead of only via reading textbooks or completing quizzes. This is another reason why it’s important that anyone who really wants to become a successful HVAC Technician in Los Angeles or California, start here at the foundation and basics of repair.

It’s here at the foundation that you’ll see what goes into the day-to-day operation of a successful HVAC Contractor’s business as well as understand where you’ll be doing a majority of your work while out in the field as an independent HVAC representative. A good HVAC Tech is expected to be well-rounded in the repair field, as well as knowledgeable, customer-oriented as well as to display a good ‘can-do’ attitude alongside a professional appearance while at work.

All these areas are covered throughout the course of our HVAC Program at Capstone College… however please keep in mind that an Independent HVAC Contractor has to have all of the above attributes, but he/she must also understand customer service, business, marketing and management experience, as well as all have excellent diagnostics and repair skills to boot! Yes, it’s not 100% easy, but if you can handle learning how to do it and still keep your cool, well then, it’s worth the payoff.

Once You Graduate & Pass the California State Contractor’s Licensing Exam

Owning your own HVAC Repair business provides you with some amazing rewards alongside those tough days and challenges. As an HVAC Technician who doubles as a business owner, you’ve gotta handle both sides of your business and clientele, and once you’ve decided to become your own boss and become an Independent HVAC Repair Tech, then your next step should be putting together an actual business plan.

First things first don’t be afraid to ask for help & advice from successful contractors who have already done it as you’ll want to be mirror them…

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding you want to be an Independent HVAC Contractor in California, so we’d like to highlight a few for you in this blog so you can get an understanding of what it’s like for most people:

  • A desire to want to be in the HVAC Repair industry – sure, this is a no-brainer, but you’ve still got to picture yourself out there working as a repair and diagnostics professional. If you have no prior experience, try to spend time with an experienced contractor or HVAC Repair Tech. Try to attend contractor or HVAC workshops in Los Angeles and take a moment to speak to other HVAC Technicians on industry forums online if possible; you may also try to enroll in seminars or reach out to other HVAC Techs via social media
  • Getting the Funding: of course, this is self-explanatory but it’s a large portion of owning your own HVAC Contractor business and being a successful business owner. Now would be a great time to start brainstorming financing options as well as HVAC business locations
  • Following the proper order is important! Make certain that you’ve got your funding in place or at least have received a pre-approval before you go searching for a property. Maybe you’ve decided to start working out of your home, and that’s okay too – many HVAC Techs and some of the most successful contractors in Los Angeles got their start this way!
  • Try not to skip any financing requirements as an HVAC Business Owner. For instance, commercial banks desire previous tax forms and how much collateral you will provide them in exchange for a business loan. Your lender may want to know exactly what you’re purchasing and why – your reasons can range from purchasing equipment to meeting your HVAC team’s payroll
  • Location is vital when starting your own HVAC business, so research and take note of different choices for your business location. You should try and choose a great area where your HVAC skills will come in handy and there isn’t too much competition
  • You’re also going to need HVAC equipment & supplies. At this point, you should develop a checklist of tools and supplies you’ll need and try to link up with reputable contractor suppliers in order to receive the best wholesale cost
  • Finally, if you’re hiring on a team right away or even simply looking for an HVAC partner or assistant, try and spend some solid time interviewing each person that wants to be a part of your career and future

Capstone College is a Great HVAC Tech College if You Want to Be Your Own Boss

So if you like what you’re reading and would like to explore your future as an Independent HVAC Contractor in California, you’re going to want to call a licensed HVAC Technician College like Capstone College in Pasadena, California. Located in the heart of Los Angeles County, in gorgeous Pasadena, Capstone College is the best HVAC Tech College to go to if you want to fast-track your career and begin preparing for the California State Contractor’s Exams. Please call us today and let one of our friendly admissions advisors answer your questions about the HVAC Technology courses at Capstone College and if you like, we can schedule a free tour of our modern career college campus in Pasadena, California with no obligation. To learn more about the HVAC Tech College at Capstone, please visit us at or call (626) 486-1000 and let us help you on the road to becoming a successful Independent HVAC Contractor in California today!

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