Finishing HVAC school is just the beginning on the road to a rewarding career. New technicians can expect to jump right into more training with their new employer. This training period is very important to ensure the new tech is comfortable with the work and also well versed in customer service. Business practices and all of the ins and outs of the brands offered by the company are very important topics as well. Most customers do a lot of research on the internet before they decide on the company to use and the type of system they want. Techs with HVAC certification will often get in-depth questions. So it’s vital that they know their systems backwards and forwards. Techs who are able to answer questions carefully and politely will give their company a good reputation.

HVAC Certification Requires Constant Learning About New Technology

Employers will often pair the new workers with those who have a lot of experience. This way the new workers can learn the ropes, and the veteran can gauge how much training is needed. Some may just need to shadow for a few weeks. But others may go through up to 300 hours of training. There is a shortage of good workers who finished HVAC school. This means that employers have to make sure the people they do have are very good. Workers in this industry need to constantly keep up with changing technology and government regulations. It is a profession that will keep workers constantly learning.


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