One of the appeals of HVAC training is that it’s relatively short. In just over a year, you can be certified and ready to start in the HVAC installation business. However, to be successful as an HVAC tech, you need to stay on top of new trends and products. One of the hottest trends in the HVAC world right now is smart zoning. This means that the thermostat connects to the wi-fi. Different areas of the house can be set to their own temperature. Then owners can control the house’s temperature from a smartphone or tablet.

Learn HVAC Installation Techniques for Smart Technologies

Some experts observe that not all HVAC contractors understand smart zoning, so they don’t offer it to their customers. However, if you understand the product, it’s not hard to sell it. Experts in smart zoning recommend seeking out specific HVAC training that covers this technology. It’s important for consumer to have a good experience with smart zoning. Too often it’s not installed correctly, so consumers don’t get the benefits.

When contractors do understand zoning, consumers are usually happy to spend a little more on a system that saves them money in the long run. By controlling the temperature based on whether anyone is home and in an area of the house, consumers stand to save a lot on utility bills. With app-based controls, it’s very easy to manage.

Find out how to take the first step in becoming an HVAC tech. Capstone College will give you a great foundation to keep up to date on the latest technologies.


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