If you’ve decided to go to HVAC school, you know that you have to commit to working hard to be successful. The program is 36 weeks long. It’s not so long that you have to give up your whole live. But it is a major time commitment. Here are some of our best time management strategies to help you get HVAC certification quickly.

1. If you have to work while going to HVAC school, talk to your boss so that you have time to attend class and study. Consider getting financial aid so you have enough money for school and don’t have to work too much.

2. Schedule regular study times. Most students have work and family commitments. This means that you have to protect your study time. Let friends and family know when you study so they aren’t hurt if you can’t come to a party or trip.

3. Find study buddies. Having a regular study group helps to keep you on track. For one thing, you don’t want to let friends down by not doing your work. You can also get help from friends if you have questions or are confused. Friendships in school often turn into business relationships later on. Friends who work together well might decide to start a business together.

4. If you are having a lot of trouble understanding something, go to your instructors for help. Don’t waste time feeling lost in class. As soon as you realize you aren’t getting a concept, make an appointment with the teacher to get further explanation. Falling behind is the biggest time waster.

5. Remember your priorities. It may seem like no big deal to skip class or not study to go do something fun. If you keep in mind that you want to finish on time and start working, you can more easily pass up an outing to study. There will be lots of other chances once you’re done with school.

Check out Capstone’s HVAC program to find out more about classes and schedules.

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